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Trilogy Education partners with universities to offer programs in Web Development, Data Analytics, UX/UI Design, Cybersecurity, FinTech, Digital Marketing, Technology Project Management, and Product Management. Our platform combines a market-driven curriculum, robust career services, and a multinational community of universities, instructors, and employers to prepare adult learners for careers in the digital economy.

Did You Know?


By 2020, the U.S. alone will have


more software development jobs than applicants who can fill them.

– US Bureau of Labor Statistics –

Web Development

Trilogy Education’s Web Development course combines front-end, back-end, and big picture training for students looking to enter into the competitive field of coding.

Data Analytics and Visualization

For too many companies, Big Data isn’t the solution to a problem—Big Data is the problem. The Data Analytics and Visualization course provides learners with the knowledge, skills, and expertise to turn data into insights, and into actionable recommendations to improve processes and drive company growth. Starting with Microsoft Excel⎼and advancing through Python, JavaScript, HTML/CSS, API Interactions, SQL, Hadoop, Tableau, Fundamental Statistics, Machine Learning, R, Git/GitHub, and more⎼students work their way through the industry’s most popular programming languages, software, and libraries in data analytics.

UX/UI Design

As digital transformation drives the integration of technology into nearly every aspect of life, companies require individuals to create compelling front-end experiences that are elegant, intuitive, and achieve their intended goals. The UX/UI Boot Camp resembles a digital design studio in which students constantly work on real-problems with tight-deadlines and continuous collaboration. Students learn to build evocative, engaging, and user-centric designs. The project-based curriculum includes in-depth training on design principles and exposure to the toolsets of the modern-day UX/UI Designer.


Ninety percent of the world’s data has been created in just the last two years. As computer networks grow, so too does the information that needs protection. The Cybersecurity and Networking Boot Camp equips students with the fundamentals of IT networking and modern information security. Throughout the programs, students gain experience with a host of tools such as Wireshark, Kali Linux, Metasploit, Burp Suite, and more. Learn skills applicable to certifications such as the CompTIA Security+ and Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH)


The field of finance is evolving. Financial services firms, insurance agencies, and investment banks are all increasingly at the intersection of data and technology, harnessing algorithms, machine learning, big data, and blockchain to conduct business. 

The FinTech Boot Camp takes a multidisciplinary approach to attaining proficiencies in fundamental programming, data analysis, and modern tools in cryptocurrency and blockchain. Throughout the course, students will gain experience with a host of popular tools and methods such as Python programming, financial libraries, machine learning algorithms, Solidity smart contracts, Ethereum, and blockchain.

Digital Marketing

The rise of the digital world is transforming the way people research, interact with, and make decisions about products and businesses. 

The Digital Marketing Boot Camp takes a multidisciplinary approach to attaining proficiency in marketing strategy, campaign development, digital advertising, and modern tools in site analytics and reporting.

Balance Personal, Professional,
and Academic Demands


Available formats include full-time, part-time, and online


A variety of flexible formats enable students to balance all that life brings. In each format, students learn the same modules, take part in the same exercises, and gain the same skills employees need.


The part-time 24-week program takes place 3 days a week.


The immersive full-time program takes place Monday-Friday over 12 weeks.


The part-time online class format increases the geographical reach of universities while providing the flexibility of at-home study to learners.

RITA MCGLONE Executive Director, Penn College of Liberal and Professional Studies

These programs bridge education with real-world innovation opportunities. The curriculum focuses on teaching the most in-demand skill sets, regionalized for Philadelphia’s economy.

EDNA JONSSON Graduate, UCF Coding Boot Camp

Going through the bootcamp was the best decision I made in my life. I took a risk, but it paid off in a career that I am wildly passionate about. One of the things about the boot camp that I loved discovering, in addition to the format and flexibility, was that it opens the doors to a tech career to more women and helps to level the playing field for us. The support and enthusiasm of Trilogy employees is beyond what I’ve experienced anywhere else.

GREG PELLEGRINO Vice President of Engineering, Identity Automation

Trilogy’s programs take students beyond classroom theory … These students learn the importance of teamwork. They “click” every bit as well as my agile scrum teams.


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