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Trilogy Education, a 2U, Inc. brand, delivers immersive, skills-based boot camps and technical tracks that provide your employees with real-world technical expertise, credentials, and university rigor. We can help educate your workforce, keep employees fulfilled and engaged, and support your recruiting efforts.

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Programs in Digital Tech Fields

Guided, Intensive Boot Camps

In our boot camps, your employees will learn from instructors and peers in live classes centered around hands-on experiences. After 12–24 weeks of full- or part-time course work, graduates receive a university certificate of completion and emerge confident in their hard tech skills and soft teamwork skills.

We power online boot camps in the following fields:





Technical Tracks for Developers

Tech tracks are specialized, project-based programs designed to help existing developers level up their coding skills. The programs entail six weeks of accelerated study with weekly one-on-one sessions with an experienced technical mentor.

Tech tracks are available in the following topics:


Back End

Front End

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Case Study

GE Digital: Preparing for the Future of Work

“These programs give your employees a non-traditional approach to develop their skills, build their personal development, and take their careers to the next level. They also serve as a great retention tool.”

Habib Sarkis

SVP and CTO,

CoreTech Infrastructure, GE Digital

The Power of 2U Boot Camps

2U acquired Trilogy Education in 2019 after discovering a mutual student-first culture and belief in the power of the great university. Today, our scale and global network of university partners enable us to power rigorous online boot camps and tech tracks that lead to rewarding careers and strengthen regional workforces.

Our programs use versatile, market-driven curricula that are constantly improved upon using feedback from students and our network of employer partners. This iterative approach ensures your workers gain the skills to make meaningful contributions and collaborate across teams.

Real-World, Global Expertise Backed by Data

By partnering with 2U, you set up your organization for long-term success:

Data-Driven Outcomes

Across all 2U-powered boot camps, our completion rate is 90%.

Fast-Paced, Immersive Course Work

Multimedia assignments include lectures, discussions, lab work, and projects.

Experienced Instructors and Mentors

A vetted network of university-approved professionals support your employees.

Global University Network

World-leading universities offer rigor, certification, and oversight with every program.

Find your right fit

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Workforce Development Solutions

As markets and technologies change rapidly, organizations need talented, skilled employees to advance their business. On average, companies estimate that 40% of workers will require reskilling within six months or less—and 94% of business leaders report that they expect employees to pick up new skills on the job.1

See some of the workforce development solutions we can offer your organization:

Upskill/reskill Your Employees

Enroll workers in consumer boot camps or fill exclusive cohorts, empowering employees with new and updated skills to address business needs.

Acquire additional talent

Attend “demo days” to meet job-seeking graduates or meet with a dedicated cohort of potential hires who have completed a 2U boot camp.

Save on Recruiting Costs
Improve Employee Retention
Boost Engagement and Productivity
Case Study

Salesforce: Upskilling Solution Engineers

“One thing I loved about Trilogy was the customization, the attention, the care that they gave us. They helped me create content and really nail down ROI and the things that we wanted to achieve overall.”

Owen McClave

Senior Manager Solution Engineering,


Align Your Workforce With Your Future

When your company works with Trilogy and 2U, you’ll do more than just train your teams: you’ll empower your employees with practical, university-caliber education that prepares them—and your organization—for success today and in the future.

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